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got2b × – What is Cyberbullying?
Form a visual concept for a limited edition product. Сome up with a slogan and offer a support campaign with a social mission that meets the following criteria: the «Kindness» edition line will be loud and noticeable in Russia. The big idea will emphasize the brand's social purpose & limited edition and will «cling» the youth and touch everyone.
Collaboration with the charity program as part of the campaign. Creation of a bright and recognizable branding of limited edition SKUs with the involvement of renowned international artist and got2b ambassador Ellen Sheidlin.
Development of a social special project that allows users to understand the topic of bullying: how it can be expressed, how to avoid it, what to do if you encounter it?
Attracting popular influencers participating in the XO team to the project and analyzing their cases in the show format; interviews with personal stories of the heroines of the project who are victims of bullying and advice from an expert.
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