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Severstal Steel Spirit
Slogans & Naming
Come up with a name, slogan, messages and design communication materials for the leadership program from Severstal. With the help of communication, attract the best candidates who will be trained for 2 years in Cherepovets with top managers before taking a leadership position in the company.
This internship is for guys who are truly steely in spirit. This is how the name appeared, which distinguishes the internship from other leadership programs on the market — «Steel with the Spirit» («Стальные духом»).
Here, the guys immerse themselves in all business processes, learn about production and influence the development of the company — no template solutions and theory from the textbook. This is how the slogan of the internship «Career — by experience» appeared. Communication uses a two-part structure that opposes theoretical knowledge and real experience. The essence of communication is to challenge young people who are willing to do more, not just sit in offices and do routine.
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