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Microsoft Azure × Yandex.Happiness
Use Microsoft Azure cloud platform, its built-in cognitive services and self-learning intelligence able to process large data streams, for socially useful initiatives in business.
Yandex.Happiness mode is a new service, born in the collaboration of two world tech giants Microsoft and Yandex. Microsoft Azure analyzes the user's face and facial expressions during each use and asks him to rate his level of happiness. Over time, artificial intelligence learns to recognize the user's mood and helps increase personal happiness in one click thanks to recommendations with various entertainment in the city. Each entertainment on the map is decomposed into hormones, which it increases. Users rate entertainment and recommendations become more accurate each time.
We spread the word about the new service with the help of the 360 ​​campaign and even change the usual taxi design so that there are more happy people. The slogan of the service is «Happiness suits you» («Счастье тебе к лицу»).
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