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Nissan cares about People, People care about Nissan
Develop a Nissan Employer Brand, creative and visual concepts for it. To motivate employees to be initiative in their work and inspire them to add value to the company in return for a comfortable and pleasant working environment.
At Nissan, employees are the core value. The company forms a modern team, takes care of it, provides all the tools for professional growth and personal development. And this is mutual! Employees don’t passively accept bonuses from Nissan, but respond with initiative, energy, and dedication.
The employer's value is expressed in the slogan «Nissan cares about people, people care about Nissan».
In the format of the path and checkpoints, we show how the employees of the company are developing: what the company does for this, and what makes the employee happy in return. It turns out mutually beneficial cooperation, in which everyone is comfortable!
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