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Sheba «Kotopuncture»
Special Projects
Develop an image advertising campaign for cat owners during the gender holidays, which would help promote a wide range of food for pets.
Ecosystem project with a content hub about Kotopuncture.
«Kotopuncture» is a hedonistic science about the art of joint relaxation of a person and his cat, expressed in an ironic combination of trendy oriental practices and the true nature of these pets — wisdom in the field of relaxation.
The key element of the campaign was the content hub on the SberMarket marketplace, where you could find useful relaxation materials, as well as a product showcase with the opportunity to purchase Sheba products.
The platform also hosted a relaxation playlist from the editors of SberZvuk with thematic tracks for relaxation, and a special branded client profile appeared in the service itself. The special project was accompanied by large-scale media support in digital and on Rambler&Co resources in the form of announcement banners that led users to the activation site.
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